Monday, August 18, 2008

Broken record

I was just talking to my sis in law about our children who are little broken records. Why does Ty think it's ok to ask for a popcicle every morning for breakfast, with out fail. Why, when we are watching Charlie Brown this morning does he have to ask every two minutes, "mommy, what's his name?" "Snoopy, Ty" "oh". . . . "Mommy, what's his name?" "Snoopy, Ty" "oh". . .


Lisa said...

Somewhere around day 352...
Caleb: Mom can I have a fruit roll up for breakfast?
Me: No
Caleb: Well how about an otter pop?
Me: What did I say yesterday
Caleb: You said sure!
Me: rolling my eyes while making toast wondering if it will ever stop!

Mae said...

I have brown eyes just like this kid, and I've observed him and practiced, but I just can't give killer looks the way he can! Perhaps it's the eyebrows or the lips. Either way, all I give is a whimpy glance.

Grandma Caroline said...

He must have hit his head! I remember Mark saying the same thing over and over "What time is it?", Where am I", over and over for about 8 hours. At least he stopped!