Thursday, August 28, 2008

T-shirts and waterfalls

The Kids both had a great first day of school. They both came home happy (trust me. I wasn't getting my hopes up). We are now moving onto day 4 of school, and they are still happy and enjoying it. Briggs however, came home from school today in a different shirt. "How did that happen?" you might ask. So then I will tell you, "Because a little boy in his class threw up on him." So Briggs now has a "California Distinguished School" T-Shirt that the office gave him in their attempt to clean him up. Briggs didn't really seem to care. That's my Briggs!
Always the Fashionista! Thanks, Grandma, for taking her shopping.

This is some of Ty's handywork with the camera. (That's a picture of our key bowl that is WELL above his head, but apparently not out of his reach.) The week has been nice, justing having Ty to concentrate on for half of the day, but his antics don't seem to be slowing down. The other day he created a beautiful waterfall in our master bathroom by stopping up the sink and turning on the hot water. I realized he had done this because apparently indoor waterfalls scare Ty. . . so he started crying because he knew he was in trouble. I loved swabbing our bathroom floor and sponging up an inch of water from all of our bathroom drawers. My makeup compacts have never been so clean!(I am now holding up my "Sarcasm" sign.)
Tonight he smacked Briggs and Brian asked him why he does stuff like that. He responded with a very mature,"I'm 2 and half, Dad."
'Nuf said. Pray for me.
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Beagle Buds said...

So funny! Your life is not boring. Love those little kiddos!

Mae said...

Briggs needs to learn to move faster. He has been peed on and thrown up on!

It cracks me up when Ty causes a mess or a disaster, then starts freaking out. I think this means he's going to inherit the Brown "need to control"...

By the way, Ashlynn asked me to help her decide what to wear on her first day of school. I tried to gently, but fervently, explain to her I was terrible at that sort of thing, but she assured me it was just deciding between two outfit combos. I still couldn't help her.

Lisa said...

Okay Im so laughing out loud. First Im going to have to agree with Mae that Briggs seems to be some sort of attraction for body fluids.

Second Ty totally reminds me of Caleb at that age. He was just so bluntly honest despite the fact he knew he would get in trouble. And hes pretty witty for someone who is 2 and half. I cant wait to see them next week...we are going to hide all the hammers....although Davis is starting to be quiet the beast so you might want to tell Ty to steer clear.

Grandma Caroline said...

You have the most strikingly beautiful kids and I know Ashlynn was confident at School that first day, That is a must for a girl! As for Briggs, well he always comes out smelling good. And Ty, what a character, he will be either be a serial killer or a rocket scientist, but Mom does have her hands full, and my goodness, the Lord wants you to learn patience doesn't he? I couldn't help but laugh.