Saturday, April 4, 2009


So my neighbors decided to have a hootenanny tonight. Therefore, I can't hear myself sleep. They are loud, don't get me wrong, but it's my convictions that are keeping me up more (read: Your strong desire to hoot and holler to "Love Shack" does not justify your keeping the ENTIRE neighborhood up.) I know what you are thinking: "Love Shack?"... I know... I live in Pleasantville.


I'm posting recent picture of my kids being raised by technology.

My two boys doing what they know how to do best (wait, second best. The first best is drive each other nuts.)

I love this one of Ty. My mother was well into her 50's before she mastered the art of the mouse. No offense, Mom. Just making a point.

This is what the feet look like after a long, hard day of playing. I dare you to click on this and see every detail in those chubby toes!

And this one brings all sorts of happiness to me because of what Ashlynn is doing! I have breed my own little bookworm!


Mae said...

I would like to point out a few facts:

1) Ty was installing a program onto my computer. See that status bar in the center of the screen?? He had my permission, but after I popped the CD in he pretty much knew where to click from there.

2) He had NO problem with my screwy switched mouse buttons due to my left-handedness. Everyone else seems to have such difficulties with this. Train them young...

3) He kept losing the "arrow" (ie: the mouse) on the screen, which is easy to do on my computer. I taught him how to press the "Ctrl" key and it highlights a circle over the mouse location. I saw him pressing Ctrl often but he never complained of losing the mouse again.

4) He was also able to direct me EXACTLY how to get into the iTV movies you have recorded on your TV. "Pwess menu. Now pwess..." I also love how he tells me to "X out" when I'm using a program on the computer.

5) I walked in on him watching a movie on Netflix on the computer the other day. He had opened the Netflix page on the internet, somehow selected a movie and somehow decided to do the "Instant Play" option. So far I haven't seem him displaying knowledge of opening a webbrowser yet...but once he's on the web, look out.

Let's not even get into the things Briggs can do on a computer.

What's Next said...

I love how in that last picture Ashlynn has her legs crossed and Ty looks like he has his hands folded under his chin while he waits for the thing on the computer to load. Such poise!

Grandma Caroline said...

I'm soooooo glad you are the mom now! I'd freak out if I thought I had to watch my boys on the computer like that! I'm glad Ashlynn likes to read, we have that in common! PS: I love those chubby toes! One little piggy...

Mae said...

I just noticed something. You know how we would find Briggs leaning over the desk, about 6 inches from the computer screen? Perhaps that might have clued us in to his eye sight... Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

Annessa said...

What a darling picture! Truly a house of peace. I love those pictures like that; they are a slice of life. Not to mention the brilliance of your children!