Friday, April 24, 2009

This little guy...

Sooooo, this is the answer to the last post. No, a pipe did not burst of leak. Our 3 year old did. He decided it would be normal to load an upstairs sink with a shoe, trains, toothbrushes and toilet paper. Not totally bad, until the water was turned on and he left to wreak havoc somewhere else in the house.

As fate would have it, I came home for an hour, earlier in the day to play with the boys, as work was going to be an all nighter. Luckily we played basketball in the garage, so Kate did not pull the van all the way in; luckily I decided to pull off the door handle on the door that leads to the garage from the house (had broken earlier that day); and luckily Kate was able to open that door sometime who knows how long after the culprit turned on the faucet and with the van not blocking her view, see water pouring down from the ceiling.

It's a comforting fact to know that only the garage ceiling drywall was affected. Also comforting is the fact that the kids bathroom doesn't sit over another part of the house where more damage would have been caused.

Thanks to all who helped out Kate clean up the tsunami. Props to Kate, who despite the circumstances stayed calm, sought help, cleaned up the mess and then called me at work to break the news. Only later that night, did I come home and cut a few holes to allow some air into the ceiling area.

Such is the life with a young mischievous boy. Surprisingly neither of us was mad, but more found ourselves laughing about the whole thing. Maybe because I can clean and repair the damage myself, or maybe because it's really hard to stay mad at those brown devious eyes and ALL of his sweet energy. "Sawee mom."


Mae said...

I wonder why it's always trains with him...?

Grandma Caroline said...

I never believed in spanking a child unless they were putting themselves or someone else in danger OR if they were destroying property. Kate handled it way better than I would, you would not have been able to sit for a week!

I know our parenting styles are very different, I'm not trying to say mine was better either, I just could not have handled the destruction and I don't think dad could have either.

Let's hope he learns what destruction is before he burns down the house or something just as unseemly. You are right though, it's hard to stay mad at those big brown eyes

Mark and/or Lisa said...

He so cute and so intelligent and so mischievous! That is so crazy though. At least you guys weren't gone for longer than an hour.

Julie said...

Hi Kate,

I'm glad you found me, now I have your blog address. Your little ones are getting so big. I love your pics and especially the purple trees on the side of the road. Thats one of my favorite things in SLO. Glad to see you are well.

Lisa said...

Whenever I get overwhelmed by the thought of 3 boys I just remember you guys who have 3 boys all wrapped into one very cute boy!

Annessa said...

Thanks for the fair warning - we'll make sure everything is wrapped in plastic and that Ty has a one-on-one "counselor" when he comes to stay with us - Natalee! He'll be so hen picked he won't know what hit him!
I love that mushy face boy! Sounds like something Natalee would have done, just to see what happens the time she pushed the emergency shut-off button on the 4 story escalator at the parking garage of Disneyland - poor families that had to lug their sleeping kids up 4 flights of stairs at closing time!

V and Co. said...

i was going to invite you and the fam to come and visit...but i think i'll just ask kate to come.