Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mendocino... aaah...

Let us return to the 2009 blog give-away...

This one is for you, Mae.

This is one of the more obvious gifts, I have to admit.

If you were to ask Amanda what she would buy if she had a million dollars, she would say, "Sea Arches in Mendocino."

If you were to Ask Amanda if she could live anywhere in the world, she would say, "Sea Arches in Mendocino."

If you were to ask Amanda where her favorite vacation spot is, she would say, "Sea Arches in Mendocino."

Are you seeing a pattern here?

So my make-believe gift to Amanda is...

An all expense paid trip to the Bahamas!

... just kidding. How about, "Sea Arches in Mendocino."

So not only do you get the house, but the two golden labs, Jake and Lucky, come with the house. And you are also the proud new owner of the Gallery Book shop in town. You have to make a living somehow, right? Money doesn't grow on trees!

Just kidding! In this fantasy world it does. (Well, not actually a tree, more like a low growth shrub of sorts...)

I just thought it would be fun to have complete access to an whole inventory of books - AND- you are right across the street from Out Of This World, the second best shop in the village.

So tonight you can pretend that tomorrow you get to pack your things and move to Mendocino, where you can fall asleep to the distant sound of the Fog horn, then wake up and work on your garden, play catch with the dogs, have afternoon tea, then curl up with a good book in front of the fireplace.



Mae said...

That is so funny! In my head I was thinking, Oooo I hope she gives me Mendocino!!! No fancy, made up place like the house, but THE house. It really and truly is my favorite place on earth, hands down. (And I'm not embarrassed that I'm this obvious but I'm impressed you remembered my obsession)

You have indeed giving me my dream life! Two labs, a bookstore, the garden, and the house!

One of these days, I WILL live there. And you're all invited. Because in my head, there's one more bedroom downstairs next to the laundry room/jinky bathroom.


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