Friday, May 15, 2009

8 eyes

Here is what it means to be Ashlynn:

We were reading in the scriptures about how people use to fast in the old days. Brian was teaching them the proper way to fast (we don't make them fast now) by explaining how people use to wear sack cloth and cover themselves in ashes and moan and complain all day to draw attention to their fast.
Without missing a beat Ashlynn said, "I bet I would be good at that."


Here is what it means to be Briggs:

Background: the kids came with us while we donated blood at a blood drive (they played outside on the grass. We didn't make them watch us.)

Ashlynn asks what the big deal is with 40th birthdays, why don't people want to turn 40? I explained.
Then Briggs says, "And 18th birthdays are a big deal because then people can take your blood"

Poor misinformed guy.

This is what it is like to me Ty:

"Dad. Be careful when you take my shirt off, because it's going to pinch me and I'm going to be angry.'

"Dad. Don't spray water in my eyes because then they're not going to be pretty."

In other news, Ash and Briggs both got glasses.
Briggs's response, "This wasn't supposed to happen!"

Ashlynn's response, leaping and jumping and sqealing for joy as if she were just told she was going to become a princess and live in a Michaels craft store and never have to go to school again . In other words, she was excited.

Ty is also taking swim lessons to try and release some of that crazy energy and affinity for water in a productive manner.


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Awesome. Our favorite kinds of posts are the stories about what the kids say or do.

SoCal Rogers said...

I love those red glasses on Ashlynn.

Grandma Caroline said...

Yea, I loved hearing about the kids specifically, all so precious and moments that are hard for me to miss, so I thank you so much for posting the everyday happenings, its really cool and you are a good writer, Kate.

Mae said...

Well, at least we know he's listening when we tell him he has beautiful eyes!

And I love his cause and effect connections. You hurt me - I get mad - I hurt you.

kmk said...

Wow glasses!!! They look cute, and "scolarly". Kawai is going to be jealous, she's been begging for glasses for years. Your descriptions of the kids are so true. Personalities start so young, don't they.

Larry said...

Briggs and Ashlynn - You're looking good with your new glasses.

Lisa said...

I remember wanting glasses so bad, until I got them. That is so funny about Ashlynn too!

Annessa said...

They look darling in their glasses (oh the fun Ash will have coordinating outfits with them!) and Ty look aweseom in his rashguard shirt. Swimming is GREAT for intense kids.