Monday, May 25, 2009



Ty gave himself a swirly the other day.

No joke.

I guess he got some dinner in it, and that displeased him.

When he disappeared from the table I went looking for him. It was too quiet in the bathroom when I approached, so I braced myself and peeked in.

He was mumbling something to himself and methodically dunking his head into the toilet.

It had been flushed and cleaned recently... not that that makes it any better.


V and Co. said...

it's a good thing you have such a great sense of humor and self control as a mom. really there's a reason why ty came into your family. i don't think many could handle him!! ;)

Grandma Caroline said...

I've never heard of a swirly before, but so glad you know what's going on. That's a really good photo of TY! I downloaded it.

Mae said...

This little toot is just so cute! When he was two he looked so darn grown up, but now that he's three I'm always struck by how young he still is. (Maybe Briggs is finally outgrowing Ty so the comparison seems bigger.)

I especially enjoyed his hugs and loves today. Brown-eyed nose kisses are good for the soul.