Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Play Ball!

Briggs can be seen throughout the pictures as the one with white pants, black cleats, and his shirt tucked in . He is second from the left in the above picture.

Briggs got to play t-ball this spring and loved it. He is definitely a baseball kid. Of all of the sports, he gravitates towards it, gets excited whenever he wears one of his baseball shirts, always has a baseball cap on, and loves to spend time on the couch with Daddy learning all of the rules.

So, we were very excited when his coach arranged for them to have one-on-one time with the CalPoly team.

These kids are little, but they looked even smaller out on that field with the big guys. They got to meet and Hi-5 all of the players (one CalPoly guy even bent down and tied one the kids cleats that were untied! So cute!).

We weren't down there to hear what they were saying, but they really look like they are getting drilled by the big guys.

Then they were included in the team cheer right before the game. You really can't see all of the little guys in that huddle.

Then they ran out on the field and joined them in their warm-ups. They announced before they went out, "Playing left-field, Briggs Rober!" (and really, left-field is a good place for our little Briggs...) They stayed out there for the national anthem.

Lucas and Briggs. Guess who is about to do the bat spinning game?

That's him getting dizzy for the fan's entertainment.

He had a blast. But I paid for leaving the game early with Ty (Brian stayed with Briggs). Before I even got to my car, Brian called me to say there were Hearst castle tickets hidden under my seat. They announced the winning seat right after I left and Brian wasn't fast enough to beat out the man on the other side of the seat. Bummer! I need some of Lisa and John's luck!


Clint and Gillian said...

this is too cute! briggs is such a little stud! how lucky that they got to do that with the Cal Poly team!!! :)

Lisa said...

That is so awesome! What a cool thing for the Cal Poly team to do! Sorry about the tickets. Just enter a contest a day and then you will win every month or so like us :)

Annessa said...

Bummer about the tickets - but what a cool day for Briggs! I love the pictures of them with the big players.

What's Next said...

Sooooo awesome! Bet he won't be forgetting that any time soon!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Sooooo cuuuute! Especially with his new spectacles.

Larry said...

Way to go Briggs. As a Dodger fan I am not happy about that Giants uniform.


Grandma Caroline said...

I'm so happy that Briggs is gowing up and having so much fun in the interum. He is a stud! Sorry about the tickets though.