Monday, June 1, 2009

They're Ba-aack!

We have brought back the token system. The kids needed a motivator to stop killing each other.

We got the idea from my friend over at V and co. We have used it before, but we kind of forgot about it, ironically when Vanessa and her kids came for a visit. I think I was intimidated to be using her method in front of her!(What if I was doing it wrong?! What if I awarded a token when I should have taken one away?! Gasp! Just kidding.)

Basically it is a reward system - you get a token for good things, lose a token if you do something bad, etc. It is a really good motivator, and this time around, Ty can get in on the action. He was too young to understand before, but he is ALL over it now. Maybe it's because he is earning tokens, which is what you use at Chuck E. Cheeses, which is his idea of heaven on earth ( like Target is for me...)

What prompted this new incentive program? That would be the nasty red bite mark that Ty gave his sister in her back yesterday!

Wish us luck!


Annessa said...

I do wish you luck and I am sooo stealing the idea! Kurt and I were just discussing some sort of tangible reward system (you have to change every now and then) and I think you just gave me our idea! Chuck E. Cheese (and Kate)is aweseome!

V and Co. said...

BAHAHAHAHA! do it wrong in front of me! WHATEVER? don't you get it kate? my life is one big "doing it wrong" i wish you luck, and endurance, because it really does work when you stick with it.
one thing that we did change was that instead of "taking away" tokens we "charged fines" for not so desirable behaviors. it takes away the negative tone to the whole thing, but it still serves the purpose. they also get charged maid fees for when i have to clean up after them. ah the wonderful life of parenting. :) can you believe it was one year ago this time that we hung out? sigh...sadness.

SoCal Rogers said...

Great idea... Although I am more into the fact that the jars are too darn cute. You are such a Martha... as in Stewart.

Grandma Caroline said...

Horray, all you young parents are getting the ideas of how to parent and it's all good. I am a firm believer in rewards! No one system works forever, you just keep trying things once, trying someting else a different time, and try it all over again. I wish you all sucess and comfort in knowing that the kids will turn out OK inspit of all we do wrong!

April said...

Your house sounds like mine at times, so i am stealing this idea! Congrats on 10 years too! I remember when we met you guys, freshly married, and I can't believe it has been 10 years!!!!