Thursday, June 4, 2009

New room

We have been working on Ashlynn's room since January - a true work in progress. She wanted to share some of the photos of her room. No matter how "catalog" like you try and decorate your child's room, their personality is always going to come out. As you can see, Ash's personality is overflowing in this Ikea/second-hand inspired room!

Silhouette in Ikea frame

Eiffel tower and Amy Butler pouffe, a-la mom

The royal piggy bank with her huge wad of cash she is hording, p.s. Ash made the pillow

She is very proud of her book worm status


Lisa said...

very very cute!

Mae said...

I like the addition of the bookshelf! She has been pestering me to read the second Harry Potter to her, but I won't because I know you want to share that with her. (Plus, I actually don't enjoy reading out loud...I space out on what I'm saying and don't follow the story!)

V and Co. said...

ashlynn bookworm=awesome
mom poof ball by amy butler=awesome
ashlynn making her own pillow=SUPER AWESOME!
way to go kiddo!

kmk said...

Very cool! Kawai would LOVE to have her own room, and Ashlynn should feel pretty lucky! Kawai has been begging for a desk, and I'm like, yeah, where would be put it?

Annessa said...

So cute! I love her personal touches! I'm glad you posted pictures.

Lange Family said...

So I'm pretty sure I love Ashlynn! Please tell her I miss being in there with them! P.S We wanted to thank you again so much for the Glider and Travel System.....they are perfect!

Grandma Caroline said...

How wonderful when a daughter finally gets her own room. When Lisa got her own room for the first time, it was purple. It's a very, very cute room, tell her grandma is coming to see how she will take care of it!

Linda H. said...

Wow, Martha Stewart would be proud. Counting the days until your trip north.