Tuesday, June 2, 2009

P-e-a-n-u-t B-u-t-t-e-r

This is how Ty started his day today:

"Mom. Peanut Butter is spelled S-k-i-p-p-y!"

I can't even begin to describe how the rest of his day went. If I did, I'm sure you all would burn a few calories just reading about it - because it was that exhausting. (Funny. Why can't I seem to burn any calories? Maybe it's because S-k-i-p-p-y is the bottom part of my food That's not true. It's H-e-r-s-h-e-y'-s.)


Lisa said...

Oh how I miss chocolate and PB together. Hope you get some good rest tonight to recover!

Mae said...

Was he looking at the jar or did he memorize that?! I wouldn't be surprised at either.

Good luck keeping up with him!

Annessa said...

Such a smart kid - they're the most work!