Saturday, June 5, 2010

George Banks Never Had It So Good!

Car: broken down in LA

Printer (aka: family work-horse): broken; won't print black ink

Vacuum: STINKS!

2 Boys' feet: growing and needing new shoes


Finance Gremlins: 4
Rober Family: 0

I want a re-match!


Lisa said...

I hate the finance gremlins...

Larry said...

I'm dense. If the car went dead in LA, why didn't we get a call? As for finances, well, your in a time of life where your learning that trials are what perfect us. You won't recognize that for about another 20 years though.

Annessa said...

No fun! If it makes you feel any better - it's summer time and totally appropriate to wear flip-flops (cheap) all the time!

Mae said...

Several things: Do you need to borrow my car? I can walk or bike to anything I need to. Plus it will be an incentive to save my gas. (I'm serious about this, by the way)

Two, check out and sign up for the SLO group. (Just make sure you click the box that says "Web only" or your inbox will be flooded every time someone posts something) I'm always seeing little boys shoes but I never know your boys' size (plus I wouldn't pick up something for you without asking first...). That's where I got my desk and piano.