Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet Frosty

The kids have always wanted a dog.

Brian and I have not.

Because we have 3 kids.

So what do I do? I answer a Craiglist ad and become...

A Doggy Daycare provider!

Now we have Frosty three or four days a week. He runs errands with me in the car. He joins me for my morning run, and he keeps the kids entertained and active (they all want to take him for a walk).

Now, this situation could have turned out to be a disaster. But we lucked out and got a dog who has Briggs's personality. He rarely barks. He doesn't chew on things or leave his mark in a stinky-oh-great-I-have-to-clean-that-up way. And he never runs off or chases people or other dogs.

The best part is, he pays for most of the kids extra curricular activities.

Part time pet + money = win/win situation.

Take that! Financial Gremlins!


Lisa said...


kmk said...

Wow! That sounds like a good deal! That's a cute dog too.

Grandma Caroline said...

Smart Mommy! Make sure they pick up the poop every night, so they will know a dog comes with responsibility, but you already know that. How lucky to get a dog with Briggs personality!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

That's cool. Sounds like the perfect deal for the non-dog fan Brian. We also are watching and extra animal lately. Only we don't get paid for it... and it's a hairless rat. I'm serious btw.