Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life According To Ty

Ty discovered the camera last week and conducted his own little photo shoot. It is a perfect representation of the Things That Are Important To Ty.

Self portrait

Close up of the nose that looks like it's always pressed up against a window

TV with Bugs Bunny playing

LEGO Indiana Jones Wii game... there were about five pictures like this one... must be really important!

Worn out Crocs

Mom's pillow

Favorite Game - Disney Scene It

The Gum Ball Machine!



aaaand, Close Up!

LEGO table

What kids doesn't love some good bubble wrap!

Brother Briggs!

the activity book he picked out at the BYU bookstore

The session ended with quite a few shots of big brother along with about 20 one second videos of briggs smiling because Ty didn't realize it was in video mode.


Annessa said...

So cute! What a good slice of Ty's life. I love being able to see things through their eyes.

Grandma Caroline said...

It's amazing to see what a 3 year thinks is important. How facinating to see, I enjoyed it.

Kiwi said...

That's great. I always find fun pictures like that on my cell phone. It always amazes me that my girls can figure out how to use my camera phone. It's definitely a new generation.