Monday, May 13, 2013

Field Trip! Field Trip!

May has been the month of field trips. And today I went with Ty's class to Fog Willow Farms. Here's what we saw:
1 volcano
2 of the sweetest Burnese Mountain Dogs (that I thought acted just like Nana from Peter Pan)
3 baby bunnies (called kittens)
2 fluffy chicks
1 peeing turtle
A bunch of baby goats, one of whom was standing on her moms back like it was No Big Deal
1 diva piglet who squealed if you looked at her wrong

Ty was cute and bossy.
It's was hot in the sun and I wanted to jump into the Cosumnes River.
26 first graders can be exhausting.
Ty wants to go back.

I'd go back just to see the dogs again.