Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Instagram Catch up

We had Mormon Helping Hands Day on Saturday. 1,000 + volunteers working together to fix up some local parks. Even the boys got in on the action. That mountain of bark was too much to resist.

In need of something to replace Downton Abbey, I came across another period Drama. It's a little more sleazy than DA, but I've only watched 2 episodes.

Brian was watching the kids play in the backyard. Then they started acting like typical kids, with the general rule breaking and disobedience that they are so good at, and got a major tongue lashing by Brian.
Briggs is on the Angels this year and this is a shot of the team right after they beat the first place team and moved into first themselves!!

A conversation I had with Brian the other day.

I've been doing a lot of reading with the boys lately. Sometimes they fight over who gets to read with me first. I love it (the reading, not the fighting).
Oh, Rosie. Poor girl. RIP.