Friday, May 3, 2013

Fourth Grade trip to Coloma

I got to go with Briggs to Coloma and visit the state park where gold was fist discovered in California. It was a little warm but there was lots of shade.
The kids favorite part was panning for gold. Every single kid was convinced he was going to strike it rich. Briggs included. I have never seen so many 9 and 10 year old so focused and quiet on one thing for so long before.

Gold Panning. It might rival mine craft for entertainment value.

In other news, I was really proud of Briggs because he chose a certain kid in the class to be his partner for the field trip because he said that he was afraid no body else was going to chose him and he didn't want him to feel bad. The kid he chose has some special needs but Briggs is so patient and helpful. He doesn't talk down to him but he's always helping him out. At one point in the gift shop today, the kid got a little confused and walked right past everyone in line and went straight to the counter. After I saw him do this I told him he need to go to the back of the line. He looked at me a little confused. So Briggs stepped right in and very patiently said, "it's just like the cafeteria. You have to get in the line," and he cleared things right up.

He's a great kid.