Monday, February 2, 2009

Game Day

Briggs: Are we going to watch the Super Pot today?

Mom: It's called the Super Bowl, Briggs.

Maybe we should watch a little more sports in this house.


V and Co. said...

haha! tell brian to stop watching so much basketball and start watching more football! :)

Lisa said...

At least he knew there was a Super bowl...Im pretty sure it went unnoticed by Caleb. BY the way...Happy Belated Birthday Kate!

Hope it was fabulous!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Dish, pot, bowl, whats the difference. That pretty funny and sort of interesting cause you get a glimpse into how their brains work and make associations.

Annessa said...

Super pot! I love it! Send him over to our house - living in San Jose has really exposed us to some great sports opportunitites. By the way, the new Stealth shirt says,
Front: "Lacrosse, it's like hockey, but....
Back: "With balls!"
Yeah, my kids were saying that before they even tagged it on a shirt, and they didn't know what it meant - their favorite babysitter plays lacrosse. They were right!