Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is why kids need supervision...

Ashlynn and Briggs messing around from Kate Rober on Vimeo.

Briggs took this clip of his sister. They have been told not to play with the camera.

They obviously don't know what a "smoking gun" means.


Annessa said...

You didn't like your wall all nice and painted anyway, did you?! Funny that they actually recorded it.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

I've been on quite a few Elders Quorum moves that looked a lot like that.

And Kate, HULLO! Some of us haven't watched last nights episode of LOST yet. How about a "SPOILER ALERT" your defense I didn't really read what you wrote but it was too close for comfort.

SLO Rober said...

Sorry! I promise to give a spoiler alert next time. I don't think I really spoiled anything, though.