Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movie Night

I love a good movie night with the family.

They say watching TV rots your brain, but Ash seems to be doing o.k.

Before a recent movie night, she made a treasure hunt for the family. We found the treasure, which contained all the necessities for a good movie night: Popcorn, drinks, movie and specially designed 3D glasses for each member of the family. (They weren't really 3D, just cool paper glasses!)

Here we are sporting our movie attire.

We recently viewed Pollyanna...WHICH I LOVE!!!
I guess my little sister is not a fan because I went through a period where I watched it EVERY Sunday... and she didn't like that. Sorry, Mae, but a girls gotta' get her dose of the Glad game!

But the kids liked it and they even got some of the great messages from the movie.

Is it just me, or does watching that movie make you want to go to Disneyland? Harrington is just like Main Street USA. It also looked curiously like the Gilmore Girls set of Stars Hollow.
Any info on that? I don't subscribe to IMdB pro, which would probably give me the answer.

In other movie news...

Briggs is getting old enough that we felt like it was time to introduce him to Star Wars (or Star Whores, as Ty calls it)
I can't say that I have ever really seen any of the original movies, but we watched them as a family the other night and... I LOVE THEM!
So do the kids.
I thought they were silly boy movies (which we didn't do in my house growing up) but they are really good stories, non-formulaic, and well made considering the era they were made in.

Now the kids just need to learn that his name is "Darth" Vader, not "Dark" Vader...
and they are called Light "Sabers" not Light "Savers"
(I'm pretty sure these are common mistakes, but Ashlynn is 7 and a half and still thinks she is getting "Bath-tized" in August.)


The White House said...

The only DVD we had in the car the other night was Return of the Jedi (we had just gotten it back from my brother that night). We put it on to prevent the girls from falling asleep. It was on for a few minutes before we looked back and saw Avery's eyes were big as saucers. We asked if it was too scary- she nodded her little head yes. Oops! Not quite ready for that one! Good movies though.

I love it when the kids get words mixed up like that. The word they think it is usually makes sense too- such as "bathtize"... the font does looks like a large bathtub?! Avery always asks me to put a "bunch" in her hair- what she means is a "bun"... again, it kind of makes sense.

Sorry for the long comment! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Brundage said...

Welcome to the dark side Rober Family! Harry and Charlie will be happy to "train" Briggs in the art of Jedi fighting anytime!

Grandma Caroline said...

It's pretty cute that the kids get their words mixed up. Brian used to do that as a toddler. I think movie watching as a family is a wonderful activity when you do it the way you did.

I love Star Wars and Pollyanna. Now, we can let the kids see those when they come and visit because I love them too.

On anther note, do you ever visit my blog anymore? I don't see any comments from you and just wondered.

Annessa said...

I'm so glad you discovered star wars - we love it too! But, only after I watched all 6 in order! Only then did it make sense. You guys are so cute with your treasure hunts.

Ryan Hallows said...

We have some friends here in Indiana that are such Star Wars nuts and hated the new ones that they introduced the old ones to their kids as the new one's came out in the theatre to prevent them being "tainted". They are talking to their friends about the cool new Luke Skywalker movie that just came out at are completely unaware that it was made in 1978. I can't stop laughing over that one.

They are classics, I can't believe you hadn't seen them before. We even had Zone conferences where the Force was compared to the Priesthood on my mission. There's a lot of parallels there, though not to be taken too seriously.

Mae said...

Don't worry, you haven't scarred me for life with Polyanna. You'd think the little OCD in me would love to watch movies over and over. But I was probably just being stubborn becuase they weren't the movies *I* picked out that day.

And just for the record, Ryan fully indoctrinated me as a kid with the Star Wars movies...and I hated them. So don't worry Kate, I apparently am just a little snot and have decided not to like any movie that I didn't pick out. I think I've grown out of this one and enjoy being introduced to new things.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Cool 3-D glasses. Tell Ash I want a pair for my B-day.