Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let me lay one down for you...

This is why I love my family:

Over breakfast I filled my little ones in on the dream I had last night.

The Jonas Brothers rapping.

I don't know or care what that says about me and my subconscious, I just thought it was funny.

"What is rap music, Mom?"

Oh dear Central Coast- where- we- live- where- there- is- no- cultural -diversity! So what is a girl to do? She must educate her children.

Now, I grew up down-wind of Oakland. I grew up in the '90's. I've heard and enjoyed my fair share of rap music. My children have also been blessed with a mommy who can imitate anything (including her car when the radiator is overheating and the mechanic wants to know exactly what kind of sound the engine was making...) Therefore I planned to enrich their little lives with a small sampling of the rap genre of music.

But could I think of a small excerpt to share with them? No. "Why didn't you just lay one down for them that you made up?" asked my boyee from the white-hood of Orange County. I'm not that good.

When suddenly, from my past crept the biblical strains of Coolio. And they were treated to a moving rendition of "Gangsta's Paradise".

And then they new what rap music was.

The OC boyee joined us soon just in time to hear Briggs lay one down. "We have breakfast made from Kate and we don't wanna be late!" To my utter delight, all five of us were inspired and a little jam session ensued.

Sometimes my children make me so proud.


Lisa said...

Thats awesome! Your kiddos are so clever!

V and Co. said...

it's the little things i tell ya. "biggie and coolio and snoop dog, ya we're down with ya." said the girl who lives in a town of 500 people surrounded by cows and fields.

Mae said...

Sometimes I wonder if we're even related. I will never be as cool as you and I certainly will never be as cool as your 5 and 7 year old already are!

Annessa said...

I love it! That post was worthy of a published memoir - I can hear your voice as I read! I can picture your kitchen at that time.

Grandma Caroline said...

I know from experience that You, Kate can immitate anything you want to including music, voices, accents and car engines, you are one talented woman and your family is very lucky to have you, but did you have to show my grandkids what Rap music is?? To me, that isn't music at all, it's noise, but that's just my opinion. You are a great mom!

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

Hilarious! How cute it would be to have beatboxing little kids??

And didn't know you grew up in the Bay Area. I'm from San Jose.