Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Go dodgers!...again!

Brian and Briggs were given another opportunity to go to a Dodger game, this time a playoff game! It was a great bonding experience for Briggs, with Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Mark.

(Little side note. Big playoff games, especially when they win, are a little bit too loud for little Briggs.)

When he got in late that night, I asked him excitedly, "How was the game!"

His response, "I ate a whole Dodger dog by myself!"

Obviously the important things were covered.


Lisa said...

Thats Auntie Lisas boy...judging an event by the food!

That is a great picture!

Grandma Caroline said...

I was so excited about that photo, you would have thought I went too! What a good looking bunch of men!