Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday night

It's a lazy night around here after a full saturday.

Mom: Ashlynn. Go upstairs with Daddy. Your going to clean your room.

Ashlynn (at full volume, running up the stairs): HERE COMES THE HEART OF THE PARTY! EEEYAAAAAH!

Why must things be so extreme around here?

Lady Gaga comes to mind "your up then your down! your hot then your cold!"

I guess I should go help them clean...


Mark and/or Lisa said...

at least now you won't need to buy her a Halloween costume

Annessa B. said...

I love it! At least she was excited to clean. Is she captain underpants?

Grandma Caroline said...

So extreamable, reminds me of all the women in our family- until we start having kids. She's pretty adorable, but sorry to hear all the kids are sick. Hope you aren't sick Kate, it's miserable when you are and still have to be the mommie.