Friday, October 16, 2009

Keepin' it real.

The family has been sick all this week. Ashlynn: Monday-Wednesday; Briggs: Wednesday- present; Brian: Tuesday-Thurday; and After waking us up every two hours last night, Ty finally came down with a fever (Don't you love those nights when you feel like your bedroom door is a revolving door. There are times when I feel like shouting, "Next!" or "Find an open toilet...if you can.). Thankfully, I have remained well. I'm taking large amounts of Vitamin C to keep it that way. Cause let's face it: when mom gets sick, it's not like she expects someone to take care of her, but is it too much to expect someone else to take care of the kids? Answer: Yes.

So I have had a kid home sick everyday this week, including today. At one point, I forced the boys to take a nap. They convinced me to let them sleep together in my bed (sucker). So I put them down, then sat down in the loft to keep an eye on them for 20 min. so they wouldn't mess around and keep each other up. When Ty was asleep, I went downstairs, thinking,"Surely Briggs will fall asleep soon and I won't have to worry about him."


Shortly after retiring to downstairs, I hear movement coming from upstairs. When I go upstairs to investigate, I find Briggs poking Ty trying to wake him up! Stinker.

Later, when Ty does wake up on his own, his fever is back. As soon as I walk up to him with the bottle of Tylenol, he sticks his tongue out, as if to say,"I aint takin' that!" Through a little cajoling, I convince him to open up and take the Tylenol. Then I walk away for 10 minutes.

10 minutes.

When I return, his cheeks are puffed out, his brow is furrowed, and there is red medicine and drool dripping down his chin and shirt. That little monkey kept the medicine in his mouth for 10 minutes! I was able to talk him down from a ledge and swollow his medicine with the promise of some ice cold apple juice.

Don't you just love it when the whole family gets sick?


Grandma Caroline said...

Your life this week is as real as it ever gets. My heart goes out for you, I do remember those nights when my bedroom was a revolving door and sometimes I all our bathrooms were busy at the same time. When I heard Brian had been exposed to Chicken pox, I immidately made him drink out of a cup and then made Lisa and Mark drink right after him in the same place. Thankfully they all came down with Chicken pox at the same time. I only wish they could have been sick on the same days so you could get back to the routine. Good mommying Kate. Your patient as Job!

Emily said...

So sorry your family is sick! Never fun! Gianna was sick last week...I gave her some tylenol and had to shover my finger in her mouth to try and make her swallow it (her new hobby is holding water in her mouth as long as possible). When that didn't work, I made her take a drink of water. They must be related!

Annessa B. said...

Your life is far from dull! Darn smart kids - keep you hoppin'. Hang in there! Love you!

V and Co. said...

we've got the same thing going on over here. currently infected: katie.
but ryan was Saturday though monday kyle tuesday through thursday katie thursday to present. i'm tired and not my chipper happy go lucky gal that i usually am. i can't wait to see who it hits next. i'm so over this but unfortunately i don't think the flu is over us.
best of luck you need it, as do we.