Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Papa swinging Briggs from Kate Rober on Vimeo.

Sometimes being a mom can be hard. But sometimes I remember to enjoy it. Then I remember why I chose this for my life. And I'm pretty lucky to have the family that I do.

Lately, Ty has discovered that it feels good to laugh. Do your kids do this? He will laugh at something, then just keep doing it over and over, even when the funny has stopped. You can tell it just feels good to him. It makes me happy to hear him do this.

I have also been enjoying laughing with my kids. How many times a day do we hear the same knock-knock jokes over and over (in my house... ALOT). Most of the times, when the kids laugh, it is kind of a fake laugh, but they are having fun. However, I've found if I laugh genuinely with them, it just cracks them up. They love that mom is laughing at them/with them and they couldn't be more tickled, so the fake laugh turns into a real laugh,which in turn makes me laugh because they are so cute.


Grandma Caroline said...

That's a really "mommie" moment when you discover that the laughter of your kids really is the only payback you will ever get. You have wonderful children, and they didn't get that way by themselves. Good Job Mama!