Thursday, November 19, 2009


From 2009-7

Many people ask us where we came up with the name for our second child. Sometimes I give them a more lengthy explanation, but usually I just say, "It was the name right above 'Brigham' in the name book" (As if this is any kind of explanation... They usually have a puzzled look on their faces still).

From early on, Briggs learned he often had to repeat himself when asked what his name was. When he was two, he taught himself how to spell his name. I had written his name on a jar we used for incentives during potty training. Whenever he saw the jar he would chime "B-R-I... G-G-S!" in a sing-song voice.

Now, armed with knowledge, when confronted with the ubiquitous question,"What's your name?" He would repeat by rote, "Briggs. B-R-I...G-G-S." He wouldn't even wait before he clarified. The unfortunate thing was most people didn't expect a two year old to start spelling their name, so they were often left more confused than when they started.

Apparently, the whole family has now adapted to the problem of confusing, unique names. Brian overheard this conversation the other day:

Adult: What's your name? (directed at Briggs)

Briggs: Briggs.

Ty: Yeh. It's Briggs, And his user name is "Briggyboo".

Oh, technology!


Lisa said...

That is too funny! I don't even think Caleb knows what a user name is. Maybe we need to send our kiddos to cousin technology camp once a year!

Larry said...

Funniest one I have ever read.

Annessa B. said...

That is hysterical that Ty knows that! And, what's life without a user name? Made me laugh out loud.

Grandma Caroline said...

That reminds me that I like unique nick names for my family members. Tell TY I am now going to call him Ty-tanic. Hope his parents don't mind.