Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Day at the Dunes

We had such a fun peaceful picnic at the dunes. These pictures hardly capture the beauty of the day.

Looking out to the ocean

Meet Legolas. All of us had to work really hard not to pass out while the lactic acid built up in our legs just to reach the top of the dunes. However, Briggs scampered to the top like it was nothing. He is so thin and agile he must just float on top of the sand. The rest of us would be panting on the picnic blanket at the base of the dunes and the next thing we know, Briggs is at the top. Then he'd come down for a bite of sandwich, then scurry up again.

Rolling down the hill. Notice Ty on the left and our tiny picnic blanket at the bottom of the dune. The sheer angles of the dunes were really hard for me to capture with my camera.

The little white flecks in the sand are remnants of seashells that have probably been there for ages. Ashlynn and I collected a pile of smoothed over shells that looked like butterflies. It really is amazing to find these shells so far back from the ocean.

It really made Ty mad that once he got to the bottom of the dune, he had to go back up if he wanted to get back to our picnic blanket. It was too hard to walk horizontially along the dunes - much better to go up to where it leveled out. Except where our blanket was, the base of the dunes was marshland, so it was too messy to walk back to the blanket that way.

Too tired to walk on his own. Looking out at Morro Bay.

We all went home and took naps.


Grandma Caroline said...

What a wonderful experience for all of you. Somehow I feel the pain of walking up the dune with you. You're right, Briggs must just float on the sand instead of in it like I do.

Annessa B. said...

What a fun day outside! So glad you're able to take advantage of that. I imagine there was lots of sand in the nooks and crannies byt the end of the day, too, and that a bath felt great!

Em said...

Makes me tired to even THINK about walking up one of those things!

I read this while it is snowing outside.... I'd like to change climates now, please.

Em said...

This made me tired to just look at!

Plus, it's snowing outside here... your gorgeous weather has my jealous. Let's switch?