Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day off

Both Brian and the kids have the day off today. (Notice I didn't say I have the day off. Does that mean I never get days off or every day is a day off for me? Hmmm... Something to think about...)

I think we will go play in the sand dunes and have a picnic lunch at this beach.

(picture of the whole Rober clan, trying to get one sweet little boy to look at the camera!)


Grandma Caroline said...

Oh, honey, did we forget to tell you that mommies NEVER have a day off until the kids and husbands are grown and gone? On the brite side, if you "endure to the end" (I'm convinced that's what the Lord meant) then the reward is sweeter than sugar, and all you have to do is to relive it all over again vicariously through your daughter, and daughter-in-laws. So, smile and have a better day tomorrow.

Lisa said...

I think it depends on what type of day it is!

Have fun!

Lesha said...

What a fun picture. AND, I totally know what you are saying about the whole day off thing. Rob looks so forward to his days off. Hmmmmmm.

Annessa said...

That is a darling picture!

When you find the answer to that day-off question,let me know. So far, if the kids are in school - that's my time off. But, I have to force myself to take an hour during that time to just sit or do something for myself. And, then, keep in mind that if the school calls, my little time out is over and not to pout. Never mind, we're always on call! And wouldn't have it any other way.