Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fire In My Bones!

Ty just informed me that the reason her beat me to the mail box was because he had "fire in his bones that gave him power".

I would like some of that fire in my bones right now.

Today marks week two of having Brian working out of town and me playing single mother. Last week went alright. The kids really stepped up and I didn't go bananas. But I think that was partially because it was still a novelty. I was really excited when Brian finally came home, though.

The excitement didn't last long, however. On Friday night the FDIC came in and took over the bank. San Luis Trust Bank no longer exist. It has fallen victim to the "awesomeness" that is our economy and those fabulously fair and consistent federal examiners.

(Insert sarcasm sign here...)

Yes, Brian has a new job, but he has been with Trust bank since before they opened their doors 12 years ago, so the hostile and surreal takeover that happened this weekend was quite an emotional blow. The FDIC asked him to come in and work over the weekend to help them balance the books for the new bank that is taking over. At first I think Brian needed to be apart of what was going on. By Sunday afternoon, he grew tired of the intense and interrogative environment and told them he was done.


You will have to ask him about the whole situation because nothing I write would do it justice. Suffice it to say, it was dramatic.

We just hope most of the remaining employees will be able to find employment, whether at the new bank or elsewhere. This kind of closure can be devastating to a community.

Onward and upward! There is nothing like the loss of a loved one, a job loss and telling your kids they are moving happening all in one month to build some character!