Friday, February 11, 2011

We should get Direct TV

There are about 50 more important things that I should be blogging about. But before I forget what just happened tonight, I needed to share a play the kids put on for us.

(Ashlynn and Ty are pretending to watch TV)

Ashlynn: What do you want to watch? Hmmm. How about the Olympics?
Ty: o.k.

(Briggs enters dressed like Shaun White. Briggs pretends to snowboard...)

*yada, yada, we get what's going on here. Ash and Ty choose a channel, Briggs acts it out as silly as he can...*

Ashlynn: I don't want to watch the Olympics any more. Lets watch the National Geographic channel.

*here's the part where Brian and I die of laughter*

(Briggs proceeds to pull his boxer shorts down...)

*What!!! Is this kid imitating a naked native?!?*

Ty: Oh, look. It's a show about penguins!

*Whew! He's just imitating a penguin!*

Ashlynn: Let's watch the Oprah show.

Briggs: Hello, and welcome to the Oprah show. Today we are going to make fun of Ellen!

Ashlynn: No, never mind, lets watch the Ellen show.

Briggs: Hello, and welcome to the Ellen show. Today we are going to make fun of Oprah.

aaaaaand, Scene!


Michelle said...

Your kids are awesome! No need for cable with entertainment like that!

Annessa said...

That is hilarious! I love it! Thanks for posting. Who said tv doesn't promote the arts?! I love my niece and nephews!

April said...

Love it!