Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ty's Tour of the House

Big B and Little T during a tour of Hearst Castle this weekend

We are putting our house on the market this week.

So Ty has heard a lot of real estate talk. When he had a little friend over for the first time this past week, I suggested he give his friend a tour of the house. After what I heard, maybe we should use Ty as our listing agent.

It was obvious which parts of the house were most important to him:

"Here's our pantry... here's where we keep our paints. . . Here's our bathroom. . . Oh! Just a second. I have to go potty. . ."

"This is our guest room. When my Nana and Papa or Auntie or Grandma and Grandpa come, they sleep in here and put their suitcases here. My Grandma died, though. This sickness came for her, so she couldn't breathe so she had breathing machines."

"Your tour is going upstairs. No touching the exhibits. . . Just kidding. I don't have any exhibits." (all said in a very serious tone.)

"Here's our other bathroom. I need to go poo poo. I have Superman underwear."

How do you think potential buyers would respond to a tour like that?!


Annessa B. said...

I love it! I'll take the house, only if it comes with the cute little boy with the superman undies!