Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The Winds of Change" Finally Revealed

A random shot my SIL shot at Thanksgiving of the cousins. I love it!

So many changes have been happening in our lives that I have found it difficult to keep up with my blogging. The things we have been dealing with have left me overwhelmed, and to be honest, made blogging seem very low on the priority list. Brian's mom's illness and passing were so emotionally charged and all encompassing that it was hard to put all of that feeling into a trivial blog post.
But the loss of Grandma Caroline hasn't been the only major life changing event we have been having to deal with. Brian has worked at San Luis Trust Bank since the day they opened their doors 11 years ago. He spent so much time there I would have to correct my children, when we would drive by and they would say, "That's where Daddy lives!"

Friday was his last day at San Luis Trust Bank as the controller.

Today, Brian started a new job at the Bank of Rio Vista.

What does this mean? It means Brian will be gone four days of the week while I am here alone with the kids. It means that me and the kids will remain here in SLO to finish school and hopefully sell our house (any takers?). It means we will be closer to my family when we move to Sacramento! It means we have to change our entire lifestyle by leaving a place we have lived longer than any other in our lives - where all of our children were born- and that has been recently celebrated as the "Happiest Town in America" to start a new life.

Cool and scary.

It means that maybe my blog posts will be more frequent and filled with mundane happenings of the day in order to fill my husband in on what he is missing!


Michelle said...

What a huge change! If you need any guidance on where to move in Sacramento, I'd love to help!

Annessa said...

Awesome picture of the big cousins! (Love Briggie's ribs!)

I'm excited for you and your new move.

Emily said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother-in-law, Kate. Never something we want to go through.

On the positive, moving to Sacramento increases our chances of seeing each other every year or two :o)