Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Dady ...

Ty's behavior has been a little off lately. I think he is having a hard time adjusting to Kindergarten and school five days a week.

This evening he lowered a bucket down from the loft into the kitchen with this note attached. It says:

Ty: I'm not going to eat my dinner.

Dad: Yes you are!!!

Ty: It is yummy, but I'm not going to eat my dinner. Daddy (heart, happy face, happy face.)

Now. I think it's cute that my five year old writes with emoticons, but the attitude is just not right!

Today he told me he didn't want to go to school because it is boring. I told him he had to, it was the law. When he asked why, I told him because he needed to learn to follow the rules.

"But I already know all the rule!" he informed me.

I wanted to tell him, "Just because you can read the rules, doesn't mean you are willing to follow them!"

So then I told him he needed to learn to write his lower case letters.

"I already know how! I know everything already!"

Even if this is true, the kid still needs to go to school! And to be honest with you, I would think something was wrong with him if he didn't fight it as much as he is. We are talking about a kid who has always tried to get out of things - nursery, preschool, his crib...

Perhaps he's like his sister and takes 2 months to warm up to the new school year.


(I really hate this time of year...)


Lisa said...

I love the lower the bucket method :)

Annessa said...

I love that story! Sorry it's been so rough on your and him...sounds like he has caught the same bug that bit Gehrig with the "boring" business.