Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Briggs, first day of Third Grade!

For starters, we got the call last Tuesday that Briggs finally had a permanent spot at the same school at the other two kids! Yay! When we got that call, there was one relieved 7 year old, and an even more relieved 33 year old!
Ty's first day of Kindergarten

But it's amazing how quick the vacuum of our lives works. The second that worry was taken off of my plate, I started worrying about how my kids were going to do at a new school. What if they didn't have anybody to sit with at lunch, or anybody to play with at recess? This is scary stuff for a parent...and I suppose a child... However, life goes on and deep down I knew the kids would be fine.
Ashlynn's first day of Fifth grade

They all came home happy, but a little tired. I got to join Ty for the whole day for Kindergarten orientation. As nice as that sounds, it was actually a little boring for the kids. He had a much better day today. He was quite annoyed that they had to spend time before recess reviewing "20 to 30 rules!!!" "Too much talking!"


Lisa said...

They are growing up so FAST! I am so glad that everything is working out good!

janet said...

I love the picture of the kids...Briggs looks like he has grown an inch or two!! Love Ty's hat and Ashlynn looks as cute as ever.