Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kings Canyon Camping

We were able to go camping this summer to Kings Canyon and had a great time!

We saw and climbed Giant Sequoias.

Went fishing and Brian caught a 10"rainbow trout. We were actually pretty surprised we caught anything. The conditions weren't exactly ideal.

Can you see it as he is pulling it out of the water?

Our handsome Briggs enjoying the quiet time of fishing.

Ashlynn's got to be fully integrated into whatever she is doing.

Daddy and Ty

Ashlynn sucking on her Camel Back during a tour of the Sequoias.

Ty on the tour

Walking through a giant sequoia.

We played one or 12 hands of UNO!

Ashlynn made a fairy house, hoping the local fairies would leave her a treat or a message.

Brian's hammock from Brazil was a big hit.