Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So there's this little place called "Funderland" in the same park as the zoo and Fairy Tale Towne. It's a miniature amusement park nestled amongst oak trees in William Land Park. It's free to enter, but each ride costs one ticket (which is equal to about one dollar).
The rides are little kiddie rides, but the kids had a blast, nonetheless. I think they liked the idea of walking into a park like this for free, as if it's just a neighborhood park. It only takes about 15 minutes to get there from our house, which is an added bonus.
Nana treated the kids to the tickets, so we spent a good hour and a half enjoying the rides, then stopped for a picnic lunch.
Thanks for a fun time, Nana!

P.S. up until this point in our move, I hadn't found our real camera, yet. So all of these pictures are from my phone. I have since found the real camera, however, I can't promise any better pictures. The photography gene seems to have skipped a generation...


Lisa said...

Looks so pretty!