Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend with Brian's family. We all went to Knotts Berry Farm together, which was great. It wasn't crowded and the rides were really fun. About every two minutes now, Ty says, "I want to go to da berry farm and ride the rolla' coasta'".
The next say we had a tea party/ baby shower for our cousin. The family all watched the BYU-Washington game - the living room was divided as far as their loyalties. The swimming with the cousins and later a Galaxy game.
We, of course forgot our camera. Ours stinks anyway. We need a new one, we are just waiting for the right time in the budget.


Lisa said...

It was fun! I will send you a CD with all the pictures and videos hopefully in the next week if I can remember how to burn a CD...maybe John can save me!

Beagle Buds said...

Fun! I can just hear Ty's sweet voice saying that, with the persistence only a 2 year old can muster. Love you!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Yeah...we had our camera but did a poor job photodocumenting