Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Briggs!

Well, I don't blog very often, but I thought I'd put a post out there after a real fun past 24 hours. We have a friend up in the bay area that has access to A's baseball tickets. The A's were playing Seattle this weekend. Briggs has been asking to go to a game, so I thought I would take him to a game for his birthday. Birthday for him, Seattle for me. The plan was to take him on Saturday. Very last minute, the Friday game became available as well, so Ashlynn was able to get in on the action as well. 2 games, in 12 hours.

These were not ordinary seats. Face value was $225 a piece. The section was called the Diamond Club. 4 rows up, right behind home plate, all the free food you want. It's tough to describe how cool these tickets and seats really were. We parked right next to the Seattle buses, 1 minute walk to your seat, through a private entrance, past the Seattle locker room, and about 5 checkpoints. No sneaking down to these seats. The way the stadium is set up, and where these seats are located, you end up walking and seeing these players face to face. After Friday's game the A's were walking back to their locker room, handing out high 5's to Briggs, Ashlynn and Brock. The smile on there faces told the story enough, but Ashlynn's squel of, "I will treasure this hand forever and never wash it agian!", pretty muched summed it up. After the Friday game, we went on the field for a fireworks show. They were pretty stoked. I kind of was as well.

The food was all you can eat and all free. We went through 3 pizzas, 2 tri-tips, 1 shrimp, 2 cracker jacks, 3 bags of peantus, 3 sprites, 1 diet pepsi, 2 Haagan Daz ice cream bars, 2 Tollhouse ice cream sandwiches, and 2 liccorice ropes. Easily over $100 in stadium food.

Tickets to the games: $1,125 (free)
Food for the games: $100 (free)
Seeing inside the Seattle locker room: Free
Walking out, post game, should to shoulder, to Seattle's bus with their catcherJojima: Free
Having your son wrap his arms around you and thanking you for the "best birthday ever": Priceless

Thanks Will and Leslie for a great 2 days.

One the Field for the Fireworks.

Ichiro on Deck.

View from our seats.

Briggs on Saturday eating Peanuts.

Ondeck circle was 15 feet away.


Mae said...

Oh! That looks so fun!!! And I thought I had sweet tickets last month.

What was the score?

Lisa said...

AWESOME! Im thinking that was Brian who blogged that. That is priceless and I think you way underestimated your food. I bet in a statium your drinks and peanuts totaled up to $100. Tri-tip in a statium...I mean a hot dog goes for like $8

SoCal Rogers said...

Dang Brian. That is so cool. Just to be so close to the Mariners would be awesome, but all that free food... I got hungry just reading the list!

Happy B-Day Briggs!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

That's really cool. I'm sure Briggs will remember that for a long time.