Thursday, March 26, 2009


This one is for my Mom and Dad.

At little background, 'cause that's how we Hallows's roll...

My mom doesn't like to travel. I don't blame her. It is too upsetting to her system.

My dad does like to travel.

Luckily they have found a place that they both like to travel to: HAWAII!

My parents have discovered that not only is the Hawaiian culture intoxicating, but it is rich in history, which they love. My dad's grandfather was a missionary in the islands in 1908. Their first trip there together allowed them to encounter an unforgettable moment for family history.

I'll give you the good parts version:

A son of a ward member of mine works in the Historical archives of BYU Hawaii. They call the guy and set up a meeting once in the islands. No prior info was exchanged. As they were hanging up the phone after setting up a meeting time, the BYU guy says "By the way, what was your Grandfather's name?"
Dad: James Kirby Allen.
BYU guy: You are not going to believe it, but I am looking at a picture of your grandfather as we speak.

So... here is my gift.

This is your new vacation home to relax in while in the islands. (Don't forget to click on the link to view more details of the house.)

It is located in the upcountry of the Big Island. I chose this location because it is lush and beautiful and peaceful. It also is in close proximity to Parker Ranch - a cattle ranch open to the public (I'm thinking photo ops, Dad) and rich with history.
The house (in my imagination and yours) contains a state of the art computer system equipped with all of the latest photo editing equipment and software. For you, Dad.
You will also have the luxory of driving this car around whenever you visit your vacation home.

And Mom, there is a library in the near-by town of Kamuela.

Mom, an exact replica of your bed and pillows is set up in one of the 5 bedrooms. Sweet Dreams and Aloha!


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That is priceless! Truly! You know people so well - always have had a knack for gift giving.