Friday, March 20, 2009

I love and extra hour of light in the evening.

With the extra hour of light, we took the kids on a picnic at a local campground. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. Ate Doritos and watermelon. It was cool but not windy. It was peaceful and quiet at the lake. And I realized that our kids are finally an age where we could take them camping and I won't lose my mind (the part that is still remaining.)

There were great trees to climb.

Everyone was all smiles...

... some of us more than others...

... and the obligatory marshmallow roasting on the bbq. I'm still having a hard time with this one.


marshmallows + sticks + rober kids= sticky messes in hair.



Grandma Caroline said...

Look at it this way: They won't remember the sticky hair, but they will remember the marshmello roasting with great fond memories. I remember how much I dreaded those sticky messes and the dirt, but ask any of my kids and they will probably tell you that they remember camping in the tent trailer as their most fond memories.

Mae said...

That little boy and his watermelons! All children love watermelons, but none bring it to the level that Ty does. Little happy stinker.

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Becca said...

You are the cutest family ever!! I miss you guys! I even miss all three kids chanting "What ya doing Becky?" I've told everyone that if they were as cute as Ashlynn Briggs and Ty, then they could call me Becky.

Annessa said...

I love the shot you took of Brian and the kids around the table - he looks really happy. Especially love that Ty's head is blurred, showing his constant movement.

I'm loving the extra hour, too - lots of walking!

Karen and Wade said...

Camping is a great family FUN!!! activity we did this for a week ata time with all 5 of our kids just plan to be dirty and enjoy many of our best family trips involved camping Carloine is right the memories far out way the mess