Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ty's prayer last night.

We said, "Ty please think about what you are saying and be reverent."

Ty: "Please bless the missionaries. So we can eat potatoes and cabbage. And so we can buy it at Costco. Namajscry - Amen.

Is it so wrong to start shaking and snickering with laughter during that prayer?


Annessa said...

That is priceless! I love how you described (and spelled) his closing. I don't think it's wrong to try not to bust up during a prayer - I had a bishop tell me once that he had fond memories of his family of 7 doing just that - it bonds.

Mae said...

Love how you were able to catch his prayer epithet in letters! That's exactly how he finishes his prayers!

But my favorite prayer of his was "Bless Auntie be back soooon, bless go Chuckie Cheese,Bless Auntie be back soooon, namejscry, amen!"

Grandma Caroline said...

I remember those kinds of prayers, Mark was the best at making us laugh. He had a speach impediment which made the words sound funny and he would pray for the darnest things. Brian on the otherhand was a 'little man' from day 1! Lisa was somewhere in the middle, but she looked the cutest when she prayed because she was so serious!

V and Co. said...

that is so classic!