Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome home to Pasadena!

This next one is for my lovely sister-in-law, L Ro. (Her husband and son get to enjoy the spoils by default!)

Congratulations! Welcome to your new home!

This lovely home is located in beautiful Pasadena, only 6.5 miles from JPL! That's right, it is only a 13 minute commute for your hubby, which means... more family time!

The home has 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, a finished basement ( which I will reveal my plans for later!), a pool ( with a gate around it for K Ro's safety) and over 3,000 sq feet of loveliness. Of course, a decorator is included at your disposal to make it your own.

There are plenty of rooms for family and guests to come and stay,or to create your very own craft/sewing room!

And the final surprise in your imaginary gift from me...

I am giving you... Amanda!

That's right! Because this is all in my head, I am gifting you my sister! Why? For days when you are not feeling like the rock star that you are, Amanda will step in and take care of K Ro for you! (You understand, right, Mae?) Consider her a guilt free nanny (that's what I do.) She loves children and they love her. She's great at giving advice when you need an outside perspective and she always makes you feel like the best parent in the world - and you, L Ro, deserve to be reminded of that frequently!

So there you have it, your 2009 Imaginary blog give-away! Enjoy dreaming!


Mae said...

Of course I don't mind! I would love to be able to help everyone with their kids all the time. It's probably the thing that brings me the most joy in the world, so you gifting me time with each little kid in our family would be GREAT!

Dude, little K-ro would be spouting plant names before he could even say his alphabet if I got ahold of him!

Grandma Caroline said...

Wow, if I came into about 10 million $ I would give you all the most beautiful homes, right where you want with everything you want. What a nice dream, it even made me feel good.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

I am loving this dream, Kate, and how thoughtful of you to give me your wonderful sister to help me out too! That is the perfect gift for me -- she could keep me company and help me when I'm not feeling good. Or I could train her to work with him on his therapy so I could work on my shirts and read or maybe even work out. I have a question though -- will she cook and clean too, or just the babysitting? I mean, not to get greedy or anything. I love the cute house (I love the light airy kitchen and that you can eat at the counter, and the family room is pretty nice too. In there I'd put a red couch and some red accents around the room and big black and white portraits of our family with thick, flat silver frames). And Mark could come home for lunch every day and K-Ro (I think I am going to have to start calling him that) and I could surprise him at work sometimes with fun treats and stuff. All the other guys would be jealous. And since the house is a gift and paid for, I could spend more money on shopping for clothes. Thanks, Kate -- this dream makes me happy. It's all the stuff I want -- maybe someday.