Sunday, March 22, 2009

This one's for you, Annessa!

So my mind started racing the other day. (mark, get set... oh no.)

I started thinking what I would do if I won a boat load of money. I quickly moved past all of the boring responsible stuff - mortgage, investing, college, etc. Then I started thinking fun.

This post will be the first in a series where I will gift extravagant, albeit imagninary, gifts upon my family and friends. Money and reality are no object. I can do whatever I want to do to make my loved ones happy! Remember, I'm thinking fun, not responsible.

If you are unhappy with your endowment, just let me know. 'Cause I can return it! (It doesn't really exist, right?)

So my first thoughts were with my sister Annessa and her family. I thought how I would love to send them to Ireland for a vacation. Annessa has always wanted to go there and I would be so excited if I could actually make that happen. Being a strawberry blonde beauty, doesn't she deserve to go to her ancestral homeland?

I would rent them a cottage in a beautiful scenic part of the "Emerald Isle". They could visit castles, the seaside and just take in the beautiful greenery. Here is the cottage you will be staying in. I went for traditional, rather than totally modern.

The Cottage, Glenview lodge.
Following are pictures of the kitchen and one of the bedrooms.
To view more of the cottages quaint surroundings, click here.

I hope you have as much fun imagining this vacation as I did!


Mae said...

You are so dang clever!

Lisa said...

Cant wait for my turn!

Annessa said...

That is so cool! I love it! I feel revived and renewed and best of all...loved! Thank you! I even got some ideas for how to decorate if I ever get my own house again - awesome! You know I love traditional rather than modern anyway! Gives me some ideas...