Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pottery Brian

It's back to school time (I know. I sound like a Kmart add...) and we are trying to get things in order around here after a gloriously free summer. Despite my long suffering and chronic nightmares proceeding the first day of school, I love the idea of getting ready to learn new things, but mostly starting fresh.

I love the movie "You've got mail" and how it starts with her reveling in fall and back to school. She's walking around New York City with a bouquet of pencils. That image for me is always so strong (even though I've never been to New York) because I can identify with what she is feeling at that moment. I can even smell the pencils (all pencils smell the same, right?!) and feel that newness and freshness in the air.

What she didn't realize at the time was that she wasn't smelling wood and graphite, she was smelling change. And change in the Rober house doesn't always smell so good. Are we going to like our teachers this year? Will our best friend be in our class? Will the kids learn anything, etc...

I'm hoping and praying that "New" will be good this year and that we can roll with it and grow a little. And to illustrate this willingness to embrace "New", I give you the newest peice of furniture in our household, The Backpack Cubbies a la Pottery Brian.

Brian re-engineered our old toy box one Saturday and came up with this new lovely. I am so impressed with his workmanship and how he seamlessly meshed Old with New.

Good words to live by.


Let's pretend that I'm giving you all pencil bouquets so you can smell the freshness of change.


Annessa said...

Beautiful! I'm so getting him to make us one, when we get a house. I lvoe the pencil bouqet, too! Wishes and hugs to the kids on their first day of school. They'll do great!

Kiwi said...

That is an awesome way to re-purpose a piece of furniture. Great job Brian.

Lisa said...

Brian never ceases to amaze. The other day we had the bookshelf in the playroom pulled out and Caleb saw his name on the back so we talked all about how Uncle Brian made it for him. He thought it was pretty cool.