Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 2

We made it through church today thanks to friends who sat with me and helped divide and conquer. I believe one of the exchanges went something like this, "I'll corral the 2 year olds out here if you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on the 4 year olds."
Caleb was a little reluctant to go to Primary because they were practicing the Primary program for next week. However, they won him over and he walked away with a part in our Primary program! That means next week I will only have the 2 year olds to myself! Cake!
When I arrived home from church (solo- Brian had to stay to do tithing) I was changing the kids into play clothes when Davis started pitching a fit. This is very unusual for him. He is a happy easy going kid. But he was not happy about changing his diaper and putting clothes on him. I suddenly remembered his penchant for potting training in the buff from Lisa's blog. I stripped him down, his brown eyes started to sparkle and he streaked off to the bathroom where he proceeded to use the facilities! He was the happiest little naked guy for the rest of the night. My neighbors did look at me a little funny when I took both 2 year olds, one clothed, one a-la-natural, to retrieve yesterday's mail from the neighborhood mailbox. Oh well! He's using the toilet!
I hope that my blogging this experience does not come off like I am complaining. I hope I am not making you, Lisa and John, feel bad. I really feel like this is a unique experience for our family that I am taking as a life teaching challenge and want to preserve these memories for the future. Some of the interaction between the kids have been so precious, I would hate to ever forget them. Like tonight when I went in to tell Briggs and Caleb for the last time to be quiet and go to bed. Instead I found Caleb peering over the bunk bed, looking down at Briggs who was holding a flashlight and a Dr. Seuss book, reading out loud to his cousin.
Until tomorrow.


Mark and/or Lisa said...

Doesn't like complaining at all. Sounds like fun! Good work.

Lisa said...

I love it...I want to hear about how things are going because it makes me feel at least a little connected to them.

Any luck with Davis wanting to use the big boy potty and Ty?

I hope Davis slept better for you last night...

Mae said...

I think you guys look great with five kids in that photo! Come on, crank out 2 more! (JUST KIDDING!) It's probably just that five is a nice round number.

I thought the kids were darling last night.