Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Day!

We have a couple of days of relative calm after a really busy week/month, and I'm trying to gear up for more busyness to come. I'm exhausted today after 2 straight days of constant chaos, going from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next. . . so I'm planning on taking it easy today (aside from going to the post office, picking up kids and doing piano lessons). Hopefully this little feeling in my throat isn't a cold coming on.
One thing I am very excited about: Since I have really made up my mind to cut back on expenses and be more conscientious with my spending we have cut back on our monthly expenses by 75%! That's huge! And that is even after doing some Christmas shopping. I'm very proud of myself, because, heaven knows, I'm the one who gets a little out of control with spending. I'm on a roll and plan to stay that way all through the holiday season.


Jenn said...

Us moms sure do a lot of running around. Even inside our own homes. I always hope I'm burning calories, at least.

The White House said...

I was going to check on you today just to see how it all ended up going after I left on Tuesday and then your day yesterday. I am glad you are taking an easy day- you deserve it!

You will need to share with me some of your tips/tricks on cutting your expenses so drastically (75% is HUGE) as we are trying to to the same!

Lisa said...

WOW Kate, thats great!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

I'm tired just from reading this post.

Grandma Caroline said...

Good for you! I'm impressed! I am the one who is a spender in our house too. The only way I can control myself is to be put on a cash system. It works for us, but I'm really proud you can do it!