Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 7 & 8

I haven't updated for a while, but things are going well. Loud, but well. Yesterday was the Primary Program. All three of the older kids did great. It was so nice that they provided a part for Caleb - he was happy that he got to sit on the stand with his cousins! I was happy that I just had the two little ones sitting with me for the bulk of sacrament. A friend offered to help but I pridefully said that just having the two of them would be "cake' (yes, that was a direct quote). Wel... it wasn't cake. They are two! But it wasn't bad either. Just like normal sacrament with kids! Afterwards, I had to make sure that the primary was aware of Caleb's peanut allergies because they had brought treats for the kids.
The kids seem to be getting used to the fact that the ship has to be run a little bit tighter around here in order to keep chaos from breaking out. I would like to know what drug or super power Caleb was blessed with that requires him to survive on almost no sleep at all. The other night he came into our room in the wee hours and asked to take a shower.
On another note, with Brian coming home early last week, he was able to get our food storage and garage organized a little bit better. We have a large closet under our stairs which I affectionately call "the Harry Potter closet". We turned this into our food closet. He put together these great shelves that make me oh-so-happy! Now when I cook I just have to say, "Kids, please get me some pineapples and a can of cream of Mushroom soup!" and voila! Thanks, Brian.


Lisa said...

Okay I shoulnt be laughing but hearing about Caleb come in to take a shower was pretty funny to me...only because it happens all the time here. I dont know how my kids survive on so little sleep!

Im so jealous of your can organizer! I want one!!!!

Thanks so much Kate for all you are sacrificing to help us!

Kiwi said...

I've been thinking about getting one of the can organizers. I love the labels with the pictures on it.

Ryan Hallows said...

That can organizer is amazing. I must get one...oh wait I need a house with a closet big enough for it first. :( Oh well, one thing at a time. All the same, very cool!

The White House said...

I have been eyeing one of those Shelf Reliance systems for a while- I just have to have a place to put it! Maybe when we finally unpack and clear out the garage?! Your Harry Potter closet makes the perfect food storage pantry! Nice!

Beagle Buds said...

That is an awesome shelf! Where'd you find that?
PS. I think Caleb and Natalee would get a long great! She perseverates on stuff, too. People are always asking us if she can't sleep or if she doesn't require as much sleep as other kids and my answer is...YES! But, with new medication, she has improved and is doing better in school as well. Wait, is that t.m.i.? Oh well.

lindsey said...

i'm quite jealous of your food closet! so much space and organization!