Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 5 & 6

I think I finally hit my stride on Thursday (although I've been a little too tired to blog every night!). Ty, on the other hand, is digressing. His turf is being invaded and he's mad! I can't even count the number of time-outs he has had for hitting (two just since I have been working on this post). He is going to have to learn now before he starts school, so this is good for him. The pictures are from the Children's Museum. Davis was not impressed, Caleb had a blast, and Ty pooped on the floor (how did I not catch that he had taken his diaper off before we left the house?!) There is also a cute one of Ty feeding Davis.

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Lisa said...

I cant believe how grown up Davis all of a sudden looks to me. The pouting faces are classic! I think absence not only makes the heart grow fonder but it sure makes my kids seem that much cuter and more handsome and precious!

Poor Ty, I would be ticked if some other woman came into my house and started playing with all my pots, pans,and cookbooks!

Grandma Caroline said...

Kate, you sure know how to make me laugh! What a trooper you are. I know heavenly angels are tagging special gifts for you for rendering this service. I'm sure they have a few gifts for poor Ty as well. I can't stopp chuckling! I can see you now, trying to console Davis, while being mortified at a poopy floor that your own 2 year old did! This has to go down as CLASSIC!