Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 9 & 10

  • 2 hours of classroom volunteering.
  • 2 class parties.
  • 2 babysitters.
  • 1 kindergartner who is apparently kissing multiple girls in his class. . . on the lips.
  • 1 nephew who picked up 2 bad habits from his cousin - hitting and spitting (joy).
  • 1 nephew who wants me to drive to his house in St. George so that we can borrow his play -dough, cause we don't have any.
  • 2 rainy days ahead of us.
  • 5 children who can't go outside to play because of the rain.
  • 1 whole day tomorrow with all 5 kids and no Brian.
  • 1 tired Mom/Auntie/Wife/Housekeeper/Cook/Part-time classroom volunteer/Woman (who, despite it all, wouldn't change places with anyone).


Lisa said...

Oh man! I can only imagine how insistent Caleb is about going to get playdough too! He cant drop stuff like that! Good luck tomorrow...wish I could switch places with you!

The White House said...

from the picture- which I saw first, I thought the craziness was going to end with you in the hospital! glad that wasn't the case!

kmk said...

I was about to say the thing as Melissa. I thought that picture of you was on a hospital bed!!! Glad that's not the case too...

Beagle Buds said...

Crack me up that you posted a picture of you in the hospital bed...must be a Froidian slip! I'm so glad you're posting this experience. You're a good all!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Love the picture

Elisa said...

Hi Kate! So good to hear from you. I love this post (gave me the giggles) and your blog. :) Your family is made of cutie pies. It'll be fun keeping in touch.