Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 3

Having a school day was nice today because it took 2 kids out of the mix. I was able to take the 3 younger kids to the park to blow off some steam. Naptime went well (which is a huge bonus for Mommy) homework time was postponed until Daddy got home (I didn't dare brave it by myself) and the neighbors gave us an open invitation to use the big trampoline during the day!I must be starving the kids because they all chowed down on their corn casserole for dinner. We almost served cookies for FHE but noticed at the last minute that some of the cookies were peanut butter cookies-phew! Catasrophe avoided! They got frozen Gogurts instead.
Cute quote: Caleb was stalling bedtime and noticed a picture of our family Ashlynn has on the wall by her bed. He looked at it intently and said, "Aw. What a beautiful family!" (Yes Caleb. Now get in bed! Auntie Kate is tired! tee-hee!)
Best news of the day: Brian is going to come home everyday at 3:00 for the rest of the week! (Auntie Kate is doing her happy dance right now. It looks like the dance Snoopy does.)
Handsome boy

Sleeping in the closet

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Lisa said...

So good to see pictures of my dont know how much that means to me!

I cant tell you how much I appreciate all that you guys are doing. I know it must be so much work! Im glad Brian will be there to help out...and hope its not because its just to crazy!

Give them big hugs and kisses from me please!

SLO Rober said...

I will. I tried to ask Caleb tonight if he wanted to send you a message over the blog, but he was too distracted by playmates to stop and think about it.

Mae said...

That tub is dwarfed by those four boys! And all of them are skinny little guys, too!

Davis's little bed in your closet is just precious. It looks like it was a room made just for him.

Lisa said...

Caleb is to distracted to even talk to us on the phone! Every time he gets on the phone he says, "umm, I will call you later, when you come."

Makes me happy to know they are having to much fun to be sad and miss mom and dad!